Add Gmail to Outlook

How to Add Gmail to Outlook

Want to add your Gmail account to Outlook for official purpose. Gmail is not the proper way to receive official emails. The outlook is one of the greatest platforms to get client’s emails, but in any case, you probably won’t have realized you could pull in your Google’s too. It’s actually simple to do, regardless of whether you have a [email protected] address or a work email address gave through a G Suite. An email record can be designed in Outlook utilizing one of two techniques for associating with the server, called POP3 and IMAP. Every technique has remarkable highlights, so it’s critical to choose the correct strategy for how you ordinarily utilize your email.


POP3 is the “single direction” technique for downloading your messages from the email server. The standpoint will check the server for new mail, make a duplicate of any new messages, and download these duplicates to your PC. This implies:

On the off chance that you erase an email message from Outlook, or move the message to another organizer, the first email stays in your inbox on the server. In any case, POP3 likewise furnishes a lot simpler combination with Microsoft Outlook than IMAP, particularly if your present email account was designed with POP3. If so, messages sent to your Gmail record will be conveyed into indistinguishable organizers from your current email account. In this way, in the event that you right now have an email account in Microsoft Outlook that was arranged with POP3, and don’t have to get to your record from numerous gadgets, POP3 might be the better alternative.

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Like POP3 accounts set up utilizing IMAP check the mail server for new messages and download duplicates of these new messages to Outlook. Be that as it may, IMAP additionally sends data from Outlook back to the email server. For instance, in the event that you make another mail organizer in Outlook, a similar envelope will be made on the email server, and any messages you send from Outlook will likewise be open from the “Sent” envelope on the server. Therefore, IMAP is a greatly improved decision in the event that you get to your email from different gadgets, as any progressions made on one gadget will be conveyed to the server, and different gadgets are refreshed to mirror these changes.

Here we are going to show you how you can add Gmail Account to with simple and easiest steps.

Steps to Add Gmail to Outlook

  • At the very first you need to login to your outlook account
  • After that click on the “Settings” located at the top right corner of the Outlook screen
  • Next, you have to click on “Connected Accounts”
  • Under Connected Accounts tab, click on “Gmail”
  • In this step, you need to merge Gmail to the existing inbox or if you want to create a separate folder for that you can do that.
  • Enter a Display name and select any of the options “Create a new folder for the imported email, with subfolders link in Gmail” or “Import into existing folders, such as inbox, sent items, and Drafts and create new folders for custom labels”.
  • After that click on “OK” which will take to the Google Sign-In page.
  • Now enter the Gmail login Credentials correctly.
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Presently, Outlook will pull in your email similarly as though you were utilizing Gmail on the web. At first, the match up might take some time, influenced by how much mail you have! Be that as it may, it’s an extremely straightforward task and an extraordinary method to bring together your online email involvement.