Why Alexa is Flashing Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Blue or Orange?

Light rings on top of the Echo devices silently say more about what’s going on with Alexa. If any ring lights flashes on your echo device that means there is some notification, message, incoming calls, network connectivity issues or microphone disabled. Alexa ring lights may be Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Blue, White or any other flashing color. All the colors indicate the status of your Amazon Echo devices.

Why My Alexa is flashing Yellow?

One of the coolest features of Amazon Echo devices is of sending and receiving of messages. At the time when you receive any message on your Amazon Echo device, then Alexa blinks Yellow color to alert you about your new message in inbox.  To read this message you can ask “Alexa, Read my Messages” and she will open and read out your latest message in your inbox.

Why Amazon Alexa is flashing Red?

Don’t worry Red color on your Echo device doesn’t indicate there is any error or warning which may harm your device. When Alexa is flashing Red that means your Echo device’s microphone is muted.  When your echo device is in this situation, Alexa will doesn’t respond to your commands. So, in order to resolve this red light colors issue, you just need to press the microphone button at the top of your device.

Why Alexa is flashing Green?

Alexa also flashes Green light ring on Echo devices. Green Light means that you are currently on call or there is an incoming call for you on your Amazon Echo Device. As you know, Alexa can place a phone voice calls, Skype voice and video call for you, so when there is an incoming call or you are active on any call then Alexa flashes Green light. This light will turn off instantly when the call gets disconnected. Alexa can also broadcast who is calling you on your Echo device. If you want to disconnect a call you can just ask “Alexa, End Call.”

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Why Amazon Echo Blinking Purple Light?

When your Amazon Echo flashes purple light ring that means DND (Do Not Disturb) mode is activated on your device. This feature works well when you are sleeping and don’t want to get any notification sound or alert form your Alexa. You can easily enable and disable “Do not disturb” mode on your Amazon Echo Devices.

Why Amazon Echo is flashing Blue Color?

Amazon Echo device with their personal assistant “Alexa” used to listen your voice commands and respond to that. So, whenever you ask your Alexa any question then she used to think and reply. In the mean time you Echo devices flash a Solid Blue light ring. This indicates that your Alexa is properly listening to your voice and will respond soon.

Why Amazon Echo is Showing Orange Light Ring?

As you know Alexa runs on Wi-Fi network and when Alexa tries to connect with your Wi-Fi network it flashes Orange color. When you see this orange light ring during the bootup process that means Alexa is trying to connect with your Wi-Fi network. And if Alexa blinks orange colors while the normal process, it means there is some problem with your Wi-Fi connection. You need to check your Wi-Fi connections that whether it’s working or not.