Ring Doorbell Not Charging

Ring Doorbell Not Charging (Hardwired/Battery Stopped Working)

If your ring video doorbell hardwired not charging or not getting ample of power then you ring doorbell will not work properly or you may experience poor quality of video and audio and intermittent operations. In a way to resolve ring doorbell battery not charging issue follow the simple guide given below so that your Ring Doorbell can perform best.

So first, let’s test your ring doorbell to see if it’s receiving power. To check that,

  • Open Ring Doorbell App on your mobile device
  • Tap on your Ring Doorbell App to open its settings screen
  • Then click on Device Health to read out the voltage, if it’s good then there is not any problem with power source. In that case contact to Ring Doorbell Technical Support Team who are available for your 24*7.
  • If the voltage is showing poor, then the low power is the cause if issue of hardwired Ring doorbell is not charging. In that case you need follow this ring doorbell won’t charge troubleshooting guide.
  • Check and read the power on Doorbell Transformer. As to run Ring Doorbell Device it’s required 16+ volts AC power.  

Resolving Ring Doorbell Power Issue

Most common solution for ring charging issues is to get around ring video doorbell with a Ring Pro Power Kit V2. In case if you don’t have a Pro Power Kit V2 you can contact Ring Support Team.

Steps to bypass your Internal Ring Doorbell

  • At the very first you need to turn off the power at home’s electricity breaker
  • Next, pull off the cover from ring doorbell
  • Now, loose the terminal screws at “Front” and “Trans” respectively
  • You need to remove old Pro Power Kit along with the attached wires
  • Take off the protective decal from New Pro Power Kit V2 in a way to expose bypass mode wire terminals
  • Separate doorbell’s wires from internal Ring Doorbell and also make the wire straight
  • Next, insert the wires into Bypass Mode holes on your Pro Power Kit V2 at the time they get locked into place
  • Replace the front cover on your Ring Video Doorbell
  • Next, turn the power ON at electricity breaker of your house
  • Open Ring Mobile App and select your ring device. After that tap on the settings icon and you need to set Doorbell Type to “None”
  • Now, the bypass of your Internal Ring Doorbell is done.
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If the above bypass technique doesn’t toil to solve ring doorbell battery not charging issue then it’s consider to upgrade your Doorbell transformer. We recommend you to get a Transformer with 16 volts AC at least and 30 volts amps.  

How to Install Hardware Transformer Kit

  • When you are going to install Hardware Transformer, the first thing you need to do is to cut off the power at breaker.
  • Next, you need to locate existing doorbell transformer in your house.
  • Remove the existing Transformer, in a way to that disconnects three wires connected with transformer to power supply.
  • Next, separate the another two wires which are screwed at wall terminal
  • When all the wires are removed, pull off your doorbell transformer
  • Now replace the new doorbell Transformer with old one at your house.
  • Now, connect the wires with new transformer mounted at wall and then connect your existing ring doorbell wires at the two screws terminals.
  • Hardware Transformer has been installed successfully. Now, turn ON the power with which the doorbell transformer is connected.

After completing the above steps make sure that you check voltage reading in Ring App. To check that open Ring Mobile App and select you Ring Video Doorbell and then tap on “Device Health”. Check if the voltage reading is showing Good or very Good, you can proceed with your Ring Doorbell.

Still Ring Doorbell Not Charging after installing new hardware transformer or verifying that transformer supplies 15 volts AC then you needs to bypass your Ring Doorbell.

Why Ring doorbell not charging or getting insufficient power supply

  • Frequently losing Wi-Fi connection
  • Ring Doorbell get freeze up or shut down after pressing the ring button
  • Regularly device gets shut down
  • Ring Doorbell Night vision not working
  • Voltage reading gets changed under Device Health section when the night vision turns on in evening
  • Freeze up when there is any live event
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Hope your Ring Video Doorbell is charging properly after following the above Ring Doorbell Power Issue Troubleshooting Guide. When your Ring Doorbell is fully charged you will see that your Ring is showing solid blue circle color on top.