Nest Thermostat Not Charging

Fix: Nest Thermostat Not Charging (Nest Troubleshooting Guide)

If your thermostat does not turn on and you see red or green light, or there is no light at all, there may be an electrical problem or your thermostat may be frozen during a software update. Here are the simplest ways to troubleshoot Nest Thermostat not charging.

If there is a problem of electricity, your thermostat battery will be lost and it will turn off Wi-Fi, display and other features to protect battery life.

Before starting troubleshooting:

  • After connecting to your system, your Nest Thermostat should be automatically turned on.
  • If you see a burning red light on top of your Nest Thermostat’s display, then you have to wait until the battery is charged.
    During your regular use, your thermostat’s screen may turn off after a period of inactivity, but it should also be automatically turned back when it feels that someone is nearby or when a person It uses the app to control it.
  • Your Nest Thermostat uses voltage from your system’s wires to keep your internal battery charged. If the power of your system is off or blackout, then the battery has enough capacity to work for a while. Your thermostat battery will also close features like Wi-Fi to protect life, before it completely closes.
  • If you see a wiring report or error message on your thermostat or app, troubleshooting the troubleshooting steps in the Nest Thermostat error code follow.
  • Use only the troubleshooting steps provided below when your thermostat is unresponsive to trigger the ring or to suppress the screen.

Nest Thermostat is Blinking Red

A blinking red light near the top of the display of your thermostat means that the battery charge is very low but it is charging. There are different troubleshooting steps when you see a red light.

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Troubleshooting during installation

Your thermostat should be turned on automatically

When the battery is sufficiently charged, your thermostat should be turned on automatically. Depending on how low the battery is, you may have to wait several minutes. But charging a very low battery may take up to an hour.

Speed ​​up charging with a USB cable

  • Turn off the Nest Display and use the USB port on the back to charge it with the USB port and wall charger. Based on the model you have, it will be mini or micro USB. Note: Do not use the computer’s USB port or other powerful USB port for charging.
  • The display should eventually give light with a message that is telling you to add it to the base.
  • Again connect the display to the thermostat base. Make sure you press firmly till you click on it instead.

Nest Thermostat is Blinking Green

A continuous blinking red light can mean something. You need to check power readings on your thermostat.

If necessary, charge your thermostat with a USB cable.

  • Reconnect the display on the thermostat basis and go to Settings> Technical information> Power.
  • If Voc, Vin or Lin values ​​are not within the specific boundaries listed here, there may be a wiring or system problem:
  • You may need to connect a wire to your thermostat. If there is a C wire connected to your system’s control board, then you can put it in the C connector of the thermostat to see if it helps.
  • There is a problem with your system and it may require maintenance for several reasons. For example, a filled air filter can heat up your system and shutdown automatically. When this happens, your Nest can not pull power from your system to charge the thermostat battery. You can also view a furnace head-up message on your thermostat screen, in your Nest Thermostat Mobile app messages or in your monthly Home Report email. To service your system and check your thermostat wiring, contact a Nest Pro in your area.
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Troubleshooting after installation

If you have installed your Nest Thermostat successfully, but after a regular use of it you can see a scarred red light, there may be problems with thermostat wiring or any other electrical problem. For example, a reddish red light

  • May appear, then it will go back to it again and again.
  • Go to section 3 below and follow the instructions to check that the wires are in the right thermostat connectors and   are sitting properly, and to check that there is no problem with your system.

A blinking green light near the top of the dispersion of your Nest Thermostat means that it is updating the software, starting or resuming. Generally, this will last only for a minute or two. Once your thermostat is started, it will turn on so that you can use it. Try to remove and reconnect display. Pull it straight from the base. Make sure the pin connector is correctly aligned and push it back on the base. You should hear a single click to sit properly. If the display does not help to reconnect, then press the thermostat display for 10 seconds then release it. This will force your thermostat to turn on again.

If still, your are nest thermostat is not charging then kindly contact us to our “live chat” so that one of our experts would help you out with your problem.