Setup Google Assistant on Sonos speaker

How to Setup Google Assistant on Sonos Speaker

Google Assistant is now available on Sonos One and Sonos Beam, which means that now you have got another choice to handle Alexa commands besides your Voice command. If the assistant is already controlling your Smart Home Gadgets – or if you think it better in answering questions than Alexa – then it’s probably worth switching. Even if you are not the owner of Sonos Speaker with built-in Mics like a beam or beam, you can control the other speakers of the company even when you have a Google Home Speaker anywhere in the house. The setup process is very easy in both turns. We will start under the assumption that your Sonos speakers are already up and running.

Steps to Setup Google Assistant on Sonos One or Sonos Beam

Your voice of every smart speaker of Sonos can be helpful, so if you want, you can configure one to use Alexa, and to use another Google Assistant. Under this scenario, your Sonos system resides in sync and both of the voicemails know what to play, no matter what you requested from it.

  • Open the Sonos mobile app on your Smartphone.
  • Tap the “More” tab in the bottom right and select “Voice Services”.
  • Choose Google Helper From here, you will be presented with a list of compatible speakers, where you can choose who you want to run with, instead of Alex, with Google Helper.
  • After selecting the speaker, you will be turned into a Google Assistant app (if you are using iOS, then it should be successfully installed to go through this process first).
  • To associate the subsidiary with your existing Sonos Setup, sign in with your Sonos account information.
  • Google will then run through several stages, including the detection of your Sonos speaker, requesting permission to access it and controlling it, so that you can ask which room it is placed in and then use it Music services are being added.
  • If you’re already a Google Assistant user, then you’ve already set it to work with Spotify, Pandora, or Google Play Music or YouTube Music. Just make sure that those same services be added to your Sonos account through the Sonos app, as well.
  • You will pass through the Google part of this setup for each Sonos One or Beam Speaker, on which you are using Assistant. Once these are all done, you can start trying out a voice command or a music request.
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What can I say in the music streaming that Google uses voice with help and sound?

  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Google Play Music
  • Youtube Music
  • iHeartRadio (can play music for Sonos, but cannot be added to the assist app)
  • Tuvial (can play music for Sonos, but cannot be added to assist app)
  • Tunun Radio (can play music for Sonos, but it cannot be added to the Assistant app)

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