Setup and Use Alexa DropIn and Calling

How to Setup and Use Alexa Drop In and Calling

Alexa can make a call on your Amazon Echo and use it as an Intercom. Alexa is a great virtual assistant with several of features and specification which lets make your home smarter. Among a list of great features, one of the more attention-grabbing is Alexa Announcements and Drop-In which makes a great Intercom System for your Home.  Amazon’s virtual assistant enables you to talk to anybody at your home or you can also monitor your kids, what they are doing at home right now. Besides this, lets you Drop-In on Relatives, friends or other contact using Alexa. An Alexa announcement is also the one that makes you broadcast any messages to your Amazon Echo devices.

How to Enable and Use Drop-In on Alexa

Drop-In feature enables you to call on any other Alexa device within your household or from outside. Drop-In has also started working on display Echo devices such as Echo Show and Echo Spot. In a way use Drop-In on Amazon Echo devices you need to download Alexa App and sign up for Alexa Calling and Messaging on Alexa App on your mobile device. Firstly, Open the Amazon Alexa app on Android or iOS device and then tap on the “Conversations” icon and follow the on-screen instruction, like they will ask you to enter your first name and last name, as well as they will also required your mobile number.

Drop In on Alexa should be permit by evade, but to make the things certain clear it’s may be ON for specific Echo Speaker. To ensure that, Open your Amazon Alexa app and click on the hamburger icon located at the top left of the screen. When the menu get expands, click on Settings and select your echo device from the appeared list. When you want to restrict Drop In calls to only from within your household devices, just tap on “Drop In” and choose “Only my household” option.

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Amazon Echo Devices which supports Drop-In, Calling and Messaging Features

  • Amazon Echo (First and Second Generation)
  • Amazon Echo Dot (First, Second and Third Generation)
  • Amazon Echo Show (First and Second Generation)
  • Amazon Echo Plus (First and Second Generation)
  • Amazon Echo Spot

When you want to Drop-In on your Alexa device placed at you home then you don’t need to use your Smartphone for this. You just have to ask Alexa, Drop In on [Name of the Echo device placed at your home],” in a way to start a call. This one only works with your household Alexa devices. 

How to Allow your Contact to Drop-In

Steps to enable Drop-In for your Contacts

  • Open Amazon Alexa App
  • Then, click on “Conversations” tab
  • Now, tap on “Contact” icon at the top right corner of the App
  • Select a contact name on which you want to Drop-In from the appeared list
  • Now, toggle at the side of the contact name and select “Contact can Drop-In Anytime” option

If you want to see the list of contact which you have selected for Drop-In, you need to Open “Contact” list and choose yourself from the list. Under the list of “Others Who Can Drop In on My Devices” will display all the list of contact with Drop-In permission. If you don’t want any contact to drop in on you, select “Remove” and that contact will get permanently deleted. When you want no one can contact you can simply enable “DND” Do not Disturb mode on your Alexa for Amazon Echo Devices.

Go ahead to you use Drop-In, ask

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“Alexa, Drop-In on [Contact Name].”

How to Use Alexa Announcements on Amazon Echo

In a way to call another Amazon Alexa placed in your household with an intercom feature, this can be done by “Alexa Announcements”. Announcements just as similar to a home intercom utility, besides calling just on one Alexa speaker in the region of your house, it can also broadcast your voice messages to every smart home speaker connected to Amazon Alexa App.

Commands you can use to broadcast any message via Alexa Announcements

  • “Alexa, Broadcast”
  • “Alexa, announce that lunch’s ready.”
  • “Alexa, tell everyone it’s time to leave for home.”