Factory Hard Reset Ring Doorbell

How to Factory Hard Reset Ring Video Doorbell

Want to reset your Ring Video Doorbell here is how you can do that. This reset method with step by step instruction will let you factory reset your Ring devices. If you are facing any issues or problems related to Ring then you may required to factory reset ring doorbell. Before starting with reset procedure, keep in mind that when removing ring doorbell unit from ring app this will remove all the videos recordings saved on your phone. So, make sure to download and save all the videos you want to keep with you. Here we have sum up few steps on how you can reset ring doorbell:

  • Open Ring App on your Smartphone
  • Tap on the “Ring Doorbell” option located at the top left corner of your app screen
  • Now, click on the settings icon at the top right corner of that screen
  • Once clicked on Settings, click on the button named as “Remove Device”             
  • After that one pop will appear, there you need to select “Delete” option
  • Successfully your Ring device is removed from mobile app and also reset process is completed.

Hard Reset Ring Doorbell

If the problem is not solved with simple reset method then you may need to perform hard reset on your Ring Doorbell Device. Follow the below steps on how we can hard reset Ring Video Doorbell.

  • Find the orange button at back of the ring device
  • Press and hold that orange button for just more than 15 seconds
  • After 15 seconds release that button, and a light at the front of the Ring devices start flashing for few times which indicates your Ring device is resetting.
  • Reset procedure usually takes for about 5mins, so let you Ring Doorbell Factory Hard Reset completes.
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Hope your Ring Doorbell has being successfully factory reset. The above guide helps you in all way when you are facing any technical issues with your Ring Video Doorbell.