Register your Ecobee Thermostat

How to Register your Ecobee Thermostat (Two Easy Methods)

Are you searching for help to register your Ecobee Thermostat? We have a complete guide for you, how to register your Ecobee Thermostat. This will help you guys to every Ecobee thermostats except smart, EMS, SI, and also Smart SI.

For registering your smart ecobee thermostat, you have to generate the 4-digit registration code on your ecobee thermostat device’s screen.

How to generate Ecobee Registration Code:

You can generate the code by executing the following two steps on your smart Ecobee Thermostat device’s screen

1)  Just you can click on the three horizontal bars on the bottom left corner of the smart ecobee thermostat’s screen to open the MAIN MENU of the device.

2.) Now click on the Registration button, and it will respond you “2 Steps Left” below registration code, you have to connect your ecobee device with your home Wi-Fi network in a way to get the ecobee registration code.

After executing these two steps, the registration code will display on the ecobee thermostat device’s screen. Address the registration code down.

NOTE: This Registration code is valid for one hour only.

If the generate registration code is expired, then you have to do repeat the above procedure to re-generating the registration code.

Once you generate the registration code, register your ecobee thermostat device by executing these methods:

You can also register your ecobee thermostat device via Ecobee App:

1)  Just open your ecobee thermostat device app and click on the “REGISTER YOUR DEVICE”.

2) Now click on your ecobee Thermostat.

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3) Now you have to click on the registration code and then tap on the NEXT in the bottom right corner of the ecobee thermostat device screen.  

4) Continue by the rest of the registration by choosing the needed possibilities.  

Once you’re finished with the registration code, answer to your ecobee thermostat and then click on OK at the bottom which is on the right corner to complete registration.

You can register your ecobee thermostat via Web Portal:

1) Now visit in the web browser and then select the device name that you have to register whatever it is 3, 3 lite, or 4.

2)  Now insert 4-digit registration code which you generate in the previous step and then click on NEXT.

3) Continue with the rest of the registration by choosing in the needed ranges.

Once you’ve completed these steps go to your thermostat and click on the OK button which is right side of the corner to complete registration.

After register the ecobee thermostat, you will create an ecobee account, with the help of email address and password as the username and password. You may use this login details to access your ecobee device via mobile app or at ecobee Web dashboard at

NOTE:  Ecobee thermostat device is registered with only one email address.

Does Ecobee Smart Thermostat work with Amazon Echo?

Yes, Ecobee Smart Thermostat works great with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices. Latest generation of Ecobee “Ecobee4 Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat” comes with in-built Amazon Alexa virtual assistant that lets you access and control your room temperature just with your voice. In a way to connect your Ecobee Thermostat devices with Amazon Echo, follow the below step by step instruction:

  • Open Amazon Alexa App
  • Go to Menu and select “Smart Home”
  • Click on “Get More Smart Home Skills”
  • Search for “Ecobee”
  • When found, click on “Enable Skills”
  • Then you will be asking to link your ecobee account with Amazon account. Please enter ecobee login credentials to connect Ecobee to Alexa
  • On the next screen you will see “Accept” button click on that
  • Done! Ecobee has been successfully linked with Amazon Alexa
  • Now go to home on Alexa App and select “Discover Devices”. Or you can ask “Alexa, Discover Devices”
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If you are having Ecobee4 Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat then follows these steps to enable Alexa on Ecobee4 Thermostat.