Play Music on Multiple Echo Dots

How to Play Music on Multiple Echo Dots (Multi-Room Music on Alexa)

You’re as of now the proprietor of one Amazon Alexa device, maybe an Amazon Echo. Presently you’ve purchased a second gadget, possibly another Echo or the littler Echo Dot. How would you set up that second echo device? What’s more, a third? Also, how would you set up and juggle them all?

To make this work, you can take advantage of the helpful Alexa App on your iOS or Android mobile device. You can likewise get to it from the Amazon Alexa Official site however the procedure is increasingly helpful on the off chance that you go portable.  

Here, we’ll tell you the best way to set up multiple Amazon Echo devices utilizing an iOS gadget however the procedure is comparable on Android.

Match up Your Echo Device with Alexa App

Open the Alexa App and tap Devices on the base right. On the following page, tap the in addition to the (+) symbol on the upper right, and select Add Device from the spring up menu.

You will be solicited what kind from a device you are setting up. Since this is an Amazon Echo, pick this choice. In any case, you can likewise set up another Alexa compatible smart home device, for example, a light, fitting, or switch.

You will at that point be solicited to choose the sort from Amazon Alexa Device you are setting up, for example, an Echo Dot, Echo Plus, or Echo Input. Contingent upon the device you select, the following screen will request that you assert which Echo Alexa Device you’re setting up.

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The application at that point takes you through the setup procedure. Ensure your Amazon Echo is connected. Trust that its ring will turn orange and afterward tap Continue in the Alexa App. In the event that the ring doesn’t turn orange, hold down the activity catch for six seconds until it does.

Associate Amazon Echo Device to Wi-Fi

The application will instruct you to open the Wi-Fi settings screen on your mobile device and select the system name for your Echo device. It should appear as Amazon-XXX, with the XXX spoken to by a string of three capitalized letters.

Come back to the Alexa Mobile App and tap “Continue”. Select your very own Wi-Fi system and trust that your Echo device will interface.

You should then observe a screen showing that your Echo is on the web and associated with the web, while Alexa reveals to you that your echo device is prepared. To ensure Alexa is tuning in on your new gadget, pose an inquiry or present a solicitation. Tap on the “Continue” button.

Contingent upon the sort of Echo gadget you included, you may see another setup screen. For instance, the setup for an Echo Dot will inquire as to whether you need to interface an outer speaker. Pick a suitable choice at this screen.

Associate Your Echo Device to a Group

The following screen inquires as to whether you need to add your Echo gadget to a gathering, which encourages you to sort out various device by area or other criteria. Assuming this is the case, pick the gathering in which you need to put your new echo device and then tap on “Continue”.

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Your New Echo device is presently prepared to rumble. Pursue similar advances in the event that you have to set up more Amazon Echo Device.

Rename Your Echo Device

As you include more gadgets of a similar sort, Alexa gives them successive names, for example, Echo-1, Echo-2. Yet, you can give every gadget a progressively elucidating name. To do this, arrival to the Devices screen in the Amazon Alexa Mobile App. Tap on the symbol for Echo and Alexa and tap on the gadget you need to rename.

At the settings screen for the Echo device, tap on the” Edit Name”. Type the new name for your Echo device and tap “Done”. Your gadget is formally renamed.

In the event that you have numerous Echo gadgets, you can play multi-room music so the tunes drift all through your home. To start with, make a gathering to house the Echo gadgets you need to incorporate into the multi-room playback. At that point, simply ask Alexa to play music on the gathering, and the sounds are channeled to every one of the gadgets in that gathering. In a manner to make multi-room music on Amazon Echo Devices read our post at Setup Alexa Multi-Room Music on Echo.