Disable Alexa Voice Recordings

How to Turn Off or Disable Alexa Voice Recordings

Commands which you say to Alexa can be seen by Amazon’s employees in a purpose of improving Alexa voice assistant’s algorithm. The Alexa Voice recordings never show your full name or email address which you have used while registering Amazon Echo device or making account on Amazon. But apart from that they are linked with device’s serial number, First name, and your account number. At Amazon office, employees listen to approx 1000 recording on every day.  All these recordings are under privacy policy that every employee is admitted not to use conversation. So, if you don’t want Alexa to save your voice recording you can simply disable Alexa Voice Recordings using Amazon Alexa App.

Steps to Stop Amazon from listening to your Alexa Voice Recordings

Here we are showing how you can turn off Alexa Voice Recordings.

  • Open Amazon Alexa App and move to settings option
  • Next, click on Alexa Account
  • Under Alexa account, choose “Alexa Privacy”. You will be redirected to Alexa privacy page.
  • On that page you will see an options “Manage How Your Data Improves Alexa”. Tap on that option you will have a section “Help Develop New features” and “Use Message to Improve Transcriptions” to toggle off.  Once this option is disable Alexa will never sends recordings to Amazon’s employees but it will be safe.

In case if you want to keep away from any accidental voice recordings then in that situation you can mute the microphone button on your Amazon Echo Devices. After that you cannot wake up you echo device or send any request commands in this mode. When you are ready to use your Amazon Echo device you can simply press the microphone button to turn on. This is how you can stop Alexa from recordings everything while making use of it.

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