Connect Wemo Smart Plug to Alexa

How to Connect Wemo Smart Plug to Alexa

Belkin’s Wemo Smart Home Hub offers smart plugs, light bulbs, switches and crocks pots which can be control and access by Amazon Alexa using a single voice commands. In a way you want to add smart plugs to your smart home you need to connect Wemo Switches to Amazon Alexa. So, here we are going to show you how you can connect Wemo Smart Plugs to Alexa in just few simple steps.

Steps to Connect Wemo Smart Plugs to Alexa:

Step 1: At the very first, plug-in your Wemo smart device

Step 2: Check that it’s getting power, which will be verified if it’s LED light above the circle start blinking white.

Step 3: Download and Install Wemo App on your Smartphone and then open the App

Step 4: Click on the setting in Wemo App, there you will see “Wemo Setup Instructions”

Step 4: Select you Wemo device, either it is Smart Plugs, Dimmer, Light Switch, LED light bulbs or any other Wemo device.

Step 5: Now, go to setting and select “Wi-Fi” to connect Wemo device with a Wi-Fi network

Step 6: If you own more than one Wemo device at your home, then you need to name them so that it’s become easier identify them under Alexa App.

Step 7: Once the device is listed, you will see that under the Wemo App. From there you can enable and disable the device, schedule them when it should be active automatically and more by selecting “rules” icon at the bottom of the mobile screen.

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Step 8: After that, click on “More” tab and then choose “Connect to Alexa”

Step 9: This will open new screen where you will see an option “Open Alexa”. Click on that, if you have installed Alexa App on your mobile phone then it will ask you to open, if you haven’t installed it will redirect you to the Play or App store.

Step 10: On the next screen press “Enable to Use” under Wemo Skills

Step 11: After that you will see “Ready to Verify” button, click on that

Step 12: Make sure your Wemo device is “ON” in your Amazon Alexa App

Step 13:  Press “Yes, that’s me” so that Alexa can discover all your Wemo devices

Step 14: More with that Alexa will automatically detects your entire smart home device with that network.

Step 15: In Alexa App you will find your Wemo devices listed under “All Devices”. Select your device in a way to control it via Alexa App by asking “Alexa, turn on my Wemo Mini” or ask “Alexa, turn off my Wemo Mini”.

List of Belkin’s Wemo Smart Devices works well with Amazon Alexa

  1. Wemo Insight Smart Plug, F7C029
  2. Wemo Switch Smart Plug, F7C027
  3. Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer, F7C059
  4. Wemo Mini Smart Plug, F7C063
  5. Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch, F7C030

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