Connect Google Home to Bluetooth Speaker

How to Connect Google Home to Bluetooth Speaker

Want to enjoy favorite music with better sound quality on your Bluetooth speaker with just using your voice. You can connect your Google Home Virtual Assistants to any Bluetooth speaker for enhancing your music experience without purchasing any separate Chromecast device. Once the Google Home device gets connected with Bluetooth speaker then all media playback will play on that’s paired external device.

Steps to Connect Google Home to Bluetooth Speaker

Step 1:  At the very first, turn on your Bluetooth Speaker get it in a pairing mode. You can also enable the paring mode by using pair button if your device is having.

Step 2: Now, Open Google Home App

Step 3: Select your Google Home Device to which you want to pair your Bluetooth speaker

Step 4: Now, on the top right corner of the screen select “Settings” [Gear Icon]

Step 5: After that choose “Default Music Speaker”

Step 6: Next, Tap on “Pair Bluetooth Speaker”. Then Google Home device will start scanning your bluetooth device.

Step 7: After that, tap on one of the bluetooth device appeared under the devices list.

Step 8: Now, your external bluetooth devices is successfully paired with your Google Home Smart Speaker.

Step 9: At last, tap on “Done”

Once device gets connected starts playing music using following Google Home Music Commands:

To Request any Song-          

  • “Hey Google, “Play <song/music name>” 
  • “Hey Google, “Play <song/music name> by <artist name>”
  • “Hey Google, “Play <song/music name> from <album name>”
  • “Hey Google, “Play <song/music name> on <music service>” 
  • “Hey Google, “Play song/music like <music-name>”

To Shuffle any Song-

  • “Hey Google, Shuffle”
  • “Hey Google, Shuffle <album/artist/playlist>” 
  • “Hey Google, Shuffle Some Music” 
  • “Hey Google, Play <album/artist/playlist> and shuffle”
  • “Hey Google, Play <album/artist/playlist> shuffled”
  • “Hey Google, Play <album/artist/playlist> on shuffle”

To Request any Artist or Album-

  • “Hey Google, Play <artist name>,” 
  • “Hey Google, Play music by <artist name>,”
  • “Hey Google, Play <artist name>” on <music service>,”
  • “Hey Google, Play songs like <artist-name>”
  • “Hey Google, Play <album name>”, 
  • “Hey Google, Play <album name> by <artist name>”
  • “Hey Google, Play <album name> by <artist name> on <music service>

To Request Play next song, Pause music, Resume song, Stop music, or what’s playing-

  • “Hey Google, Pause” or “Hey Google, Pause the music”
  • “Hey Google, Resume” or “Hey Google, Continue playing”
  • “Hey Google, Stop” or “Hey Google, Stop the music”
  • “Hey Google, Next” or “Hey Google, Skip” or “Hey Google, Next song”
  • “Hey Google, What’s playing?” or “Hey Google, What song is playing?” or “Hey Google, What artist is playing?”

To Request Play music on speakers, TV, or any video device

  • “Hey Google, Play jazz music on my bedroom TV”
  • “Hey Google, Play <artist songs> on my living room speakers”

Some Tips on Connecting or Pairing your Google Home with External Speakers         

  • Once the bluetooth device is paired or connected with your Google Home device it will auto-connect each time unless the external device gets turned off or disconnected.
  • You can only connect one external speaker to play music at a time.
  • Google Home Devices can get pair with multiple Bluetooth enabled speakers, but it will only connect to the most recently added device.
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 How to unpair a external speaker & Google Home

At a time when you want to disconnect or remove the connected bluetooth external device, you need to do go with these steps:

  • Open Google Home App on your mobile device
  • Search your Google Home device which you want to unpair with your bluetooth device
  • Tap on the Google Home device
  • At the top right corner you will see a “setting” icon, tap on that
  • Under settings, click on “Paired Bluetooth Devices”
  • Now, find the bluetooth device you want to unpair
  • Next, Tap on “X” -> unpair
  • It’s done! Device has been successfully disconnected.

If you want to connect this bluetooth device again, all you need to do is to connect the bluetooth speaker again with your Google Home device. Sometimes you might face this issue “My Bluetooth is connected but not paying any audio”.

Fix: “My Bluetooth is connected but not paying any audio”

As if your bluetooth speaker or any bluetooth enabled device is connected properly with Google Home device but still you can’t hear any sound form that, then try these solutions give below:

Solutions 1: Make sure the volume of your devices is high

  • First check of Bluetooth Speaker
  • Next of Google Home Device
  • Also check by voice “Hey Google, turn it up” in order to adjust the volume of your device

Solutions 2: Reconnect Your Bluetooth Device to Google Home

  • Unpair/Disconnect your Device – Steps has been given above.
  • Pair/Connect your external bluetooth speaker with Google Home- Steps shown at the starting of the article.