Connect Echo Dot to Fire TV

How to Connect Echo Dot to Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s Alexa Smart home gadgets like the Echo and Tap smart speakers enable you to control various things with simply the sound of your voice, including associated apparatuses all through your home and office. It just bodes well, at that point, that you’d likewise have the capacity to send directions to the organization’s Fire TV line of items also by utilizing Alexa.

All you have to control your Fire TV gadget as such is a supported Alexa-enabled device and a common Wi-Fi connection.

Connect Echo Dot to Fire TV using Amazon Alexa App

To control your Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, or Fire TV Edition TV through your Alexa enabled gadget, you first need to connect them together. Certain Amazon Alexa App and gadgets can’t be utilized to control your Fire TV, including the Alexa application, the Amazon Shopping App or any Amazon Fire tablets.

  • Open the Amazon Alexa App on your Android or iOS gadget.
  • Tap the menu, spoken to by three even lines and situated in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
  • At the point when drop-down menu shows up, select “Music, Video and Books”.
  • Pick up the “FireTV” choice, found inside the Video area.
  • A rundown of your accessible Fire TV gadgets should be there now. Select the device that you need to interface with Alexa and tap on “CONTINUE”.
  • A rundown of your Alexa enabled smart devices will appear, joined by a checkbox. Select at least one gadget that you’d like to use to control the Fire TV picked in the past advance. When happy with your decisions, tap the “LINK DEVICES” option.
  • A refreshed rundown of connected devices will be listed inside the Amazon Alexa App on mobile. From this screen, you can unlink a gadget or connection another Fire TV to Alexa on the off chance that you wish.
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Your Alexa App has successfully connected with Fire TV. Now you can search and watch your favorite TV shows and movies just by requesting a voice command to Alexa

Alexa Commands to play TV Shows and Movies on Fire TV

There are numerous helpful voice commands that Alexa comprehends with regards to controlling your Fire TV, including the accompanying gathering which enables you to scan for and play motion pictures and TV appears by title, entertainer or type.

On the off chance, Alexa Echo devices are furnished with a video screen. For example, the Echo Show, at that point you ought to evaluate the directions beneath by including the words “on Fire TV” as far as possible of each. If not, the film or TV show may end up playing on your gadget rather than your TV.

  • Watch (‘movie or TV show’ title name)
  • Play (movie or TV show title name) on (app name)
  • Play 9genre) on (app name)
  • Search for (movie or TV show title)
  • Search for (movie or TV show title) on (app name)
  • Show me titles with (actress/actor name)
  • Find (actress/actor name) movies on (app name)