Alexa Whisper Mode Not Working

Alexa Whisper Mode Not Working on Echo Device (Troubleshooting Guide)

Alexa whisper mode not working when you are whispering to her at midnight. Sometimes Alexa doesn’t respond to your voice commands either echo’s microphone button is off, Alexa Wi-Fi not working, or Alexa Whisper Mode is disabled. All these reasons may be behind the issue “Alexa Whisper mode is not working”.  Alexa Whisper Mode, one of the great features designed by Amazon in a way to make Alexa more appropriate to their audiences. As whisper mode restrain the same machine learning network which has been used for “Alexa Guard” features. Alexa Guard was launched by Amazon to recognize “smoke alarms, glass breaking, and even carbon monoxide alarms”.

Troubleshoot: Alexa Whisper Mode not working

At the very first you need to check that the microphone is either enable or disable on your Amazon Echo device. You will see a microphone button on top of the echo device. If it’s in red color that means it has been turned off that’s why Alexa Whisper mode not responding. In a way to turn ON, you need a press that button once.

Fix: Alexa Whisper Mode Issues

Maybe Wi-Fi connection not working on your Echo Device. In a way to check wireless connection open Amazon Alexa App on your mobile device. Click on the menu and then select settings. Select your echo device and then click on update Wi-Fi. Now, press and hold the action button on your device until the ring light changes to Orange. A list of echo device will appear on your Amazon Alexa App. Connect to your Wi-Fi network from here.

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Try to Enable Alexa Whisper Mode Again on Amazon Alexa App

Here is the Alexa Whisper Mode Setup step:  

You can enable Whisper mode on your Alexa just with your voice command also.

  • “Alexa, turn on Whisper Mode”

Enable Whisper Mode via Amazon Alexa App

  • Open Amazon Alexa App
  • Move on Alexa Account
  • Then, select “Alexa Voice Responses”
  • “Turn On Whispered Responses”

One thing you need to keep in mind is that Amazon Alexa will merely whisper back to you if she hears you whispering. In case if you talk to her in a normal voice then she will respond in a normal volume only even a Whisper Mode in enabling.